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The International Medical College® (IMC) is an established German university based institution for postgraduate international Master's courses and continuing education using a blended learning concept with the aim of the most excellence knowledge transfer in the field of dentistry, medicine and medical technology.

MAINTENANCE WORK Tuesday, 24.1.2023 bis Wednesday, 25.1.2023

FROM: Tuesday 24.01.2023 9pm CET
UNTIL: Presumably Wednesday 25.01.2023 9pm CET

On Wednesday 25 January 2023, the IMC portal ( will move to a new platform.

This platform switch is necessary in order to meet all new requirements for a Learning Management System (LMS), to guarantee security levels and also to be able to realise future developments.

In addition to many new administrative functions and easier maintenance of the software, this new platform offers you as a user improved and standardised functionalities on mobile devices.

Our goal is, of course, to provide you with all functionalities optimised as usual.

The platform switch has been planned long in advance, but it is of course possible that not everything will work perfectly on all devices right away. We apologise for this in advance and would appreciate it if you could inform us directly of any error messages.

The domain name is still

Please note that our website will be unavailable for several hours during the changeover. This also applies to our availability by e-mail.

The switchover period will begin on Tuesday, 24.1.2023, from 9 p.m. and will be completed on Wednesday, 25.1.2023, 9 p.m..
As soon as the switch has been successfully carried out, we will inform you again.

In urgent cases, it is best to call us at +49 (0)251/ 28 76 99 90.

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News and Events
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