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For Doctors

Through collaboration with the International Medical College (IMC®) and the Craniofacial Center Münster (CFC) we can offer the following:

  1. Implants
    If you have patients for whom the usual costs of implantation are too high:
    • We perform implantation as part of the IMC® course at markedly reduced cost.
    • You perform the prosthetic restoration as normal.
  2. Consultation
    If you have questions regarding patient care:
    • Send us the documentation online. We will advise you online or you can come to us with the patient for a consultation.
  3. Visitation*
    If you would like to become familiar again with special operation procedures in detail:
    • You can be a visiting observer.
  4. Surgical assistance*
    If you have a critical operation?
    • You operate in our clinic with our assistance.
  5. A special case
    If you have a special case:
    • We put up the case jointly for discussion and seek a solution,
      once every quarter live or online.
  6. IMC WIKI®
    If you would like information about a particular disease:
*Subject to payment after agreement

Have we aroused your interest?
Call us at: +49 251 – 287 699 90 (IMC®)
CFC/IMC Training Center Münster | Schorlemerstr. 26 | D-48143 Münster | Germany
Fax: 0251 - 396 470 5
E-mail: imc@med-college.de

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