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M.Sc. Specialized Orthodontics (international course) - in English

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Merimna Dental Institute (Athens/Greece)

Please note:

For participating in a Master Course in Specialized Orthodontics a pre-education in orthodontics is necessary which means that a proven acquired orthodontic training course is required. The Examination Board decides on the determination of entry requirements and in particular the equivalence of foreign degrees and other qualifications acquired abroad.

Special curricula (for example the Progressive Orthodontics Program POS) or the prove that you have worked in a clinic for orthodontics for some years are recognized.

In case you have no pre-education you are free to contact:Andi Shultz (POS Progressive Orthodontics | Seminar Coordinator)1-714-973-2266 x124 (office) | 1-949-295-0281 (cell/ text)

- Progressive Orthodontic Seminars: www.posortho.com
- McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry: http://mcgannpostgrad.com
(Participation of the POS & McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry can be recognized for some modules in the IMC Master Course Specialized Orthodontics so that standard fees can be reduced.)

For information please contact
Dr.Nakas Nikolaos
| CEO Merimna Institute
NYU|DENTISTRY Greece Program Director
Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program
UCL-Eastman Dental Institute Overseas Coordinator
for UCL-Merimna Collaborative Courses

Continuing Dental Education Institution

272Α, Vouliagmenis Ave, Ag. Dimitrios, Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 210 9734000 | Mobile: +30 6936865252
E-mail: info@dentalseminars.gr | www.merimnaseminars.gr

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