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| IMC Wiki | Complications during the healing phase

Complications during the healing phase

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Complications can occur during the different stages of implantation therapy.
For easier differentiation, the post-operative complications can be classified in two groups - those that can occur before insertion of the suprastructure, and those that can occur afterwards.
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Development of a hematoma

Possible causes
  • bleeding tendencies
  • administration of anticoagulant agents, e. g. aspirin, marcumar
  • insufficient intra-operative hemostasis
  • insufficient post-operative cooling of the operation area
  • insufficient post-operative inactivity of the patient
  • prophylactic antibiotic treatment in case of extensive hematoma

Wound-healing disorders


Possible causes
  • often caused by smoking (Jones and Triplett 1992)
  • too early post-operative strain on the mucosa
  • temporary removal of prosthesis
  • oral rinse (with chlorhexidine)
  • healing ointments for local disinfection or to cover and support tissue formation, e.g. solcoseryl® (Ueda et al. 1981)
  • antibiotic treatment

Aseptic bone necrosis

Possible causes
  • thermal damage caused by the drilling process or the insertion of the implant (Khoury and Pape 1999)
  • antibiotic treatment
  • temporary removal of prosthesis because of possible risk of fracture
  • removal of the implant, if required
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